YouthMax Plus Leadership Program from Amazing to Amazing Plus

The activities in the program kept participants interested and energetic.

Have you even been dazzled by a 12-year old youth? “…it taught me how to evolve and accept failure, and how to treat others with care and respect,” Lamar said about the John Maxwell YouthMax Plus Leadership Program. And, it was said with beautiful handwriting on the feedback form too. This 12-year old girl was one of 26 bright, elegant and outspoken boys and girls who joined the program. “I believe this is the first time I get this enthusiastic about a workshop. Plus, this is the first time that I actually interact with this level of comfort and excitement,” said Albatool. Wajd has a different, but supporting view. “This program raises self-esteem and finds your true self. You will find and meet new people, and most certainly, a new you,” she said.

The excitement and interaction of this group has taken the program from Amazing to Amazing Plus! The program focuses on developing a positive self-image, building inner strength, showing compassion and kindness, dealing with and overcoming failure, and developing success and growth habits. It is equipping youth with vital skills to take on life, despite the challenges and failures they may face. With some genuine life stories by Nick Vujicic, the coach, and the participants themselves, the kids walk away not only with concepts and principles, but learning from each other’s life experiences.

The program, while it maintains its essential curriculum, is evolving and improving new ways and stories are discovered to pass to the participants. The feedback I received from those young and bright group was awesome.

The next YouthMax Plus Program will be taking place in Jubail at the end of April.

More of what they said about the program:

I rated the program a 10, “because everything was presented in a fun and inspirational way.” – Jude

“It helps me find my value and true strength. It also helps in seeing things from a different point of view.” – Rahmah

“…I felt very happy learning about new things that will definitely benefit me and be with me throughout my life.”

I have rated the program a 10, “because in most programs they or the coach keeps on talking without taking audience’s opinion. Yet, this John Maxwell program is different. It’s interactive, fun and helpful.”

“Excellent performance by the coach, with great bonding with participants.”

“I’ve learned so much from the program. It was so positive and helpful for me. And, I am sure I’m going to use the things I’ve learned.”

Please contact me if you wish the program to be conducted in your community or school.

Maryam Moalem, an active sports leader and enthusiast was a guest speaker in the event.

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