Speak with Head, Heart and Humor makes a great lift-off in Bahrain

The trio of three prominent speakers in the region put hands together to give birth to the first seminar in public speaking, titled “Speak with Head, Heart and Humor.” The full-day seminar that Mohammed Shukri, Mohamed Isa and Abdulla Abandi conducted in Manama, Bahrain, was exceptional. Participants went home with great value, understanding how to reach the heart of their message and use it to build a great speech. They also learned how to structure and organize their speech in such a way that makes it exciting and remembered. Spicing their speeches with humor to attract and maintain attention, as well as entertain the audience, was the icing on the cake for the participants. “It was an excellent day, full of learning and fund and harmony…I cannot say enough good things about the workshop!” said one of the participants.

In the workshop, participants got to practice their speaking abilities and get some feedback from the presenters. Some even ventured to tell impromptu funny stories…and they were amazingly good!

The success of the seminar opened doors to conduct it in other Gulf States cities. Two cities that seem to be on the way are Dubai and Jeddah. Stay tuned for more!

Participant Clare practices telling a funny story.

Mohammed Shukri reaching the audience’s heart with style.

Mohammed Shukri displaying his body language to make an important point.

United Nations Information Center Director in the GCC, Mr. Samir Darabia was a guest speaker, seen here with Abdulla Abandi

Audience has maintained attention throughout the workshop.

Participant Mahmoud Jalal practicing telling his “Heart” story.

Mohammed Shukri reaches to the hearts!

Mohamed Isa dazzles the audience while speaking on “Head”– Structure

A so-into-it moment by Mohamed Isa

Abdulla Abandi getting to the point and he does have one!

With participant Clare, a wonderful soul.

The Elvis Presley dance! 🙂


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