Employee Engagement, 2-Day Workshop

Employee engagement (organizational health and workplace strength, could be other terms used) involves a workplace in which employees feel personally and emotionally committed to the organization, feel pride in recommending their organization as a good place to work to other people, are attached to the intrinsic rewards they gain from being with the organization and not just wages, and feel a close attachment to the values, ethics and actions embodied exemplified by the organization.

Do your employees feel that way, or are they just working because they need the money, or for lack of a better choice? How do you build a strong workplace where employees are eager to come to work and enjoy working in your organization? This workshop focuses on how you can create such an atmosphere.

This workshop will help you:
  • Gain insights about what is meant by employee engagement
  • Understand the benefits of an engaged workplace
  • Learn the elements that lead to a healthy workplace
  • Understand and avoid roadblocks that prevent an engaged workforce
  • Learn ways to implement and sustain an employee engagement program
Target Audience:
  • People in leadership positions (supervisors, administrators, managers etc.)
  • To-be leaders (people being groomed for leadership positions)
  • Any individual interested in climbing up the leadership ladder in his/her organization
  • Employees that are interested in understanding employee engagement and their role to effect it
Also available as:

  • One-day workshop
  • A half-day seminar
  • A 1-hour keynote speech