Speakers Training Camp (Two-Day Workshop)

If you are serious about becoming a topnotch presenter, this workshop is the right thing to start with. In this workshop you’ll learn the tricks of how to communicate more effectively to any audience. You will learn the Three Pillars of Presentation and Public Speaking. Not only that, this highly-interactive workshop will give you an assessment of your speaking abilities, and a couple of your videotaped presentations. The workshop relies on a three-way assessment; from you, participants and the workshop facilitator. You will discover your speaking strengths and areas of improvement, and will have the opportunity to implement the feedback you receive during the workshop. Whether you want to increase sales, persuade your audience, present winning proposals, become an effective trainer, or dazzle your audience, this workshop will lead you there. (Abdulla Abandi is a certified and licensed trainer by Successworks, USA, to conduct The Speakers Training Camp program.)

Some of the benefits you will gain:
  • Develop a more dynamic and confident style.
  • Use your voice for maximum impact.
  • Make dull facts and figures come to life.
  • Use notes inconspicuously.
  • Master the magic of eye contact.
  • Organize your thoughts using a presentation planner.
  • Cut your preparation time in half.
  • Gather spellbinding material from your own personal experiences.
  • Rivet the audience with humor and stories.
  • Handle questions with ease.
  • Apply techniques for handling nervousness.
  • Avoid deadly sins that put audiences to sleep.
Also available as:
  • One-day workshop
  • Half-day seminar
  • One and a half hours taster workshop

For companies and organizations, this workshop is available on-site on request, or as solicited by provider.