Entertaining Speeches

People’s attention span is very short. Even though your event may have sound content, people need a breather. Taking a short break for entertainment and fun is highly recommended to recharge and get back to serious business. Research has proved that laughter is healthy for both individuals and organizations. Hence, an entertaining speech would provide a healthy dose of anti-boredom and regaining energy of your audience. As an award-winning humorous speaker in the Middle East, I offer entertaining speeches that would add spectacle and lightheartedness to your event. Book at least six (6) weeks in advance if customization is required.

Event Facilitation

You may have attended several events that aim to produce results. In many times, you may have been disappointed. While big events fail for many reasons, poor event design and facilitation are in top of the list. As a trained facilitator with corporate experience in this important field, I can help you in designing and facilitating your event for maximum results, starting with team make-up and initial event design all the way to successful completion.

Executive Speech Writing

Speeches that inspire and influence are rare. Whatever your reason for speaking, I can help you put a speech together so you can touch hearts and minds, and move people to action. With over 20 years of public speaking experience and speech writing for executives, your success could only be a speech away. Combine this with speech coaching for ultimate results.

Executive Speech Coaching

You have an important event ahead of you. And you are a main speaker in that event. Yet, you are not sure you can hammer a speech and wow your audience. You can certainly benefit from my speech coaching sessions and take your speech to a level your audience has never experienced before. The sessions will focus on building on the good skills you already have and equip you with timely techniques to enhance your speaking experience.

Master of Ceremony

Connecting the dots in an important public event is an art. The uniqueness of your event is greatly influenced by how cleverly the program is connected and how to transition from one part to another. You can draw on my vast experience in conducting events in one of the largest companies in the Middle East. As a Master of Ceremony, I offer you a distinctive and entertaining way to produce a memorable experience that would be valued and enjoyed by your audience.