Mastermind Group Studies

The idea of the mastermind group study brings together like-minded individuals (ideally 10-15), with diverse thinking and background to discuss together a certain subject of importance and interest. Normally, this is done through the study of a book by a well-known author. This could be augmented through adding relevant videos and action planning. Insights are gained not only from reading about the subject of interest, but also the collective sharing of personal learning, experiences and stories.

The aim of a mastermind study group is to enhance your knowledge and skills in a particular area of self-development, such as communication skills, personal growth, leadership skills, team building etc. More importantly is to take the knowledge gained further through application.

Depending on the book being studied, a Mastermind Group Study may take between 4 – 8 weeks, one 90-minute session per week. The time frame could be shortened if more sessions are conducted per week.

Mastermind Study Groups currently offered (descriptions available on request):

1. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John C. Maxwell
2. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, by John C. Maxwell
3. Leadership Gold, by John C. Maxwell
4. Today Matters, by John C. Maxwell
5. Put Your Dreams To The Test, by John C. Maxwell

Target Audience:

Any individual who has the desire to grow and transform to improve the quality of his/her life.

While mastermind groups are designed to cater for individuals, organizations may request in-house mastermind groups for a selected group of their employees. In such case, duration may be shortened.


Mastermind Study Groups are available only in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Different arrangements and pricing are expected.