Customized Keynote Presentations

On request, a keynote presentation may be customized to fit a certain event. Such presentations may be within the context and relevancy of the topics I normally present about, such as leadership, communication, connecting, personal growth, public speaking etc. These presentations would normally require more time to develop and prepare for. Therefore, ample time between the request and the event is necessary. Please allow a window of six weeks as a minimum. Accordingly, fees for customized presentations may be a little higher.

>PS: Speaking is personal. Therefore, I would only speak on topics that are within my area of passion. I do not claim that I can speak on anything, nor that I want to do that.

Steak, Style and Sizzle—What Every Speaker Needs to Captivate an Audience

This keynote presentation will engage the audience in learning the three pillars of Presentation and Public Speaking Skills, including the ingredients of each pillar. It stresses the critical skills needed by a speaker to captivate any audience and make that emotional connection. Whether you want to increase sales, persuade your audience, present winning proposals, become an effective trainer, or dazzle your audience, this keynote will shed lights on the essentials you need to do that as a speaker.

Also available as:

  • Two-day Speakers Training Camp® workshop
  • One-day Speakers Training Camp® workshop
  • Half-day seminar

The Koala in the Red Shirt (45 minutes – 1 hour)

We all have talents and abilities unique to us. Some of them appear in one form or another. However, many of those talents don’t see the light and are not even given an opportunity to be tried. At the same time, many of us have dreams and ambitions to achieve certain goals in our life. Yet, we tend to be satisfied with less than what we deserve because we allow mediocrity to get in the way. We fail to take advantage of our own talent and uniqueness for lack of awareness of our own brand, which is basic to our value proposition.

If you look around you, you will see that it’s a brand world out there! Whether it’s the cell phone you use, the perfume you wear, or the handbag you carry, they all became your possessions because of some form of branding. Brands influence our decisions, and of course, our pockets. They lure us into buying certain products and services. Brands have value. This is their basic premise. At the personal level, we have value too, demonstrated through our unique talents. However, very few are utilizing or demonstrating their uniqueness and what they are great at doing. In a world where copy-and-paste became a norm, people lost touch with their passions and took the shortcut of imitating others.

This keynote presentation focuses on how we can take advantage of our unique talents and abilities to facilitate achievement of our goals in life. It sheds light on the need to build one’s own personal brand, as well as presenting and communicating it to the world we can influence. It would also provide tips on what can be done to ascertain and strengthen your brand. This will help us to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Hence, be the Koala in the Red Shirt! Be a masterpiece, not a copy!

The Power of Connecting (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Do you recall that boring meeting where the leader did anything but communicate with you? Do you recall that one-on-one meeting with your boss that made you feel worse than you had felt before the meeting? Do you recall sitting in a boring presentation or listening to a lifeless speaker where you wished you sat near the exit room so you could escape? Have you ever had a boss whose communication was so poor no one wanted to listen to him/her? Communicating effectively goes far beyond the words we say, because talk is easy. We only communicate effectively when we connect with people, and that takes effort, energy and regard toward the audience. How do you know you are connecting? Leaders need not just work hard or do a great job, but they need to learn how to communicate in a way that connects with others.

This keynote speech focuses on what leaders and speakers need to learn and do to be able to communicate effectively and connect with any audience, be it an individual, a group or a large audience. It addresses some of the principles and practices of connecting, as per John C. Maxwell’s book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” It will help you find ways to reach people’s minds, touch their hearts, and influence them in a positive way.

Also available as:

  • One and a half days workshop
  • Half-day seminar