Golden Insights on Leadership  (One & a half Days Workshop)

Many leaders miss out on the true essence of leadership. They separate themselves from their people, and get things done mostly through the exercise of their positional power. Leadership makes a difference—a big difference. Yet, few are willing to grow themselves in this area, especially because they confuse leadership with managing. Much of leadership is found in subtle, but powerful, things. Leadership is enhanced through evaluated experiences. Are you willing to learn from the expert? This interactive workshop will focus on life-long leadership lessons, learned by the leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, based on his book, “Leadership Gold.”

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify some leadership fallacies that may hamper your success.
  • Assess your leadership style as compared with the leadership insights learned.
  • Identify key insights that you need to adopt to raise your leadership ability.
  • Find ways to bring people to work with you as a team to accomplish shared objectives.
  • Be an effective leader and a connector.

>Target Audience:

  • Leaders and to-be leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Professionals seeking personal growth
  • Companies and organizations seeking to improve leadership ability.
Also available as:
  • Half-day seminar
  • One-hour keynote presentation