Personal Coaching

Are you getting the best out of yourself? Are you aware of your potential? Do you recognize your strengths and talent? Does your work employ your strengths and talent? Are you passionate about what you do? Is your career in the right track? Are you stuck in your career? Are you developing yourself for success? Do you have a plan for personal growth? Where do you stand on self-leadership? Are you instilling discipline in the pursuit of your life goals? Do you know what your goals are? Do you know your purpose in life? Do you evaluate your experiences? Are you learning from your experiences? What processes do you follow to learn from your experiences?

I can help you with questions like these and more. I could be your sounding board. I could provide you guidance and help in making decisions and changes to improve the quality of your life. Answers to life challenges and successes are not found in books and cannot be dictated to a person. All answers are available within you. It is my role as a coach to help you find answers that you already know so that you can get the best out of your life.

We all aspire for a better life. I look forward to being that person to help you fulfill that aspiration through a genuine and positive coaching relationship.

Business Coaching

Are you getting the best out of your people? Are they motivated to help you achieve your organization’s goals? How effective is communication in your organization? How effective are you as a leader and communicator? Is your organization recognizable in its field? Do you have a great team? How do you maintain that team? Is your leadership up to par? Are you connecting with your people? Are you influencing them positively? Are providing your people room to grow? Are you helping them in their growth? Do you have a vision? Do you have strategies to reach your vision? Are your people actively engaged? Are they proud of their contributions? Are they proud of the organization?

To succeed and grow in your business, you will need to find out the answers to the above questions. In fact, you may already know the answers. However, many may be in a state of unawareness or even denial and need guidance. I can help you bring life and success to your organization by offering coaching in areas related to leadership, communication, employee engagement, and organizational health. I can help in realizing the goals you set for your business.