Throughout the years that I have known Abdulla, he has always managed to intrigue me with his ability to entice people into his sessions with ease and simplicity.

Mohammed MuradPresidentToastmasters International Organization, 2014-2015United Arab Emirates

Abdulla Abandi is an exceptional SpeakersTrainingCamp® Instructor. His speaking and training talents are of the highest caliber, so he is a great role model for his students to observe. More importantly, his coaching skills are exactly what people are looking for: observant, supportive, and fun to work with. Abdulla really cares about helping each individual become the best speaker and presenter possible. You are in for a wonderful experience with lasting results!

Sue GaulkeCEO SuccessworksFounder, Speakers TrainingCamp®, United States of AmericaUnited Arab Emirates

I consider Abdulla Abandi the funniest man in the Middle East! Not only is he a wonderful humorist, but he is a talented speaker and effective communicator. Abdulla also possesses a unique voice and employs a distinctive style that has captivated audiences on two continents.

Mark Brown1995 World Champion of Public SpeakingToastmasters International, United States of America

Abdulla A. Abandi is one of the most entertaining and funny speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. If you want to energize your audience, bond your team, but still delivering heaps of value, he is your man. Whether it be an in house event, a conference or a Master of Ceremonies, book Abandi to be assured that your event will be a total hit.

Olivia SchofieldCo-founder at Vocal WomenFounder at Spectacular Speaking, Finalist at World Championship of Public Speaking, 2011

Abdulla Abandi is an experienced speaker with a burning desire to improve people’s life and enhance society as a whole. He has taken the time and made the investment to develop his skills and talents even further within the John C. Maxwell Team which equips him with cutting edge, powerful human technologies to transform lives. He has also gone through the Toastmasters International program which plants the seed for deep and ever growing personal and professional development skills. I am confident that Mr. Abandi will be a great asset to any organization he associates with and will be the cause of much transformation and positive growth within the organizations which in turn will translate to fast growth and greater rewards both financially and within the organization’s culture. You will be glad to have found Mr. Abdulla Abandi to train and equip your team.

Elbia I. Quiñones CastilloMBA, MA, DTM; Author: El Poder de la Oratoria (The Power of Public Speaking)Maestro de Ceremonias: Conecta con Poder (Master of Ceremonies: Connecting with Power); Coach, Trainer and Speaker; Founder and President of Fast Growth International, Puerto Rico

Abdullah is an incredible speaker and presenter. He keeps you at the edge of your chair and on your toes because you want to eagerly listen to his powerful message. There’s never a dull moment with him -he is gifted with a brilliant sense of humor.

Maria Victoria FerrerCorporate and Personality Development Trainor, Public Speaker, Region 11 Advisor for Toastmasters International (covering Middle East, UK and Ireland, Europe, Africa) Jordan

Abdullah Abandi is a world class motivational speaker with unique style of presentation skills that will entertain and educate the audience and make them think out of the box. Every time I have the chance to attend his workshops I learn a new concept that adds value to my life and inspires me to raise the bar, to learn more and achieve more.

Natheer QassimFormer Toastmasters International District 79 Director 2012-2013Saudi Arabia

Toastmasters’ founder Dr. Ralph Smedley said, “We learn best in moments of enjoyment” and I proved it correctly every time I hear Champion Abdullah speaks. He is real “infortainer.” His workshops and Keynote speeches entertain me with all the take home inspiring information. With Abdullah, no dull moments.

Joey VillanuevaToastmasters International District 79 Director 2014-2015Saudi Arabia

Abdulla is the most inspiring, funny and energetic speaker I have ever listened to! An amazing leader and happy to call him a friend. He comes in highly recommended

Sheun OkeLeadership/Success coach- Loquats LLC; Author: Supergirl 2 SuperwomanUnited Kingdom

Abdullah Al-Abandi is a notable coach, communicator and a leader. He comes with deep commitment in whatever he undertakes and delivers value to the tasks he is involved with. He inspires as a speaker and instills motivation, hope and courage. His intense knowledge and experience, personal stories of challenges and triumphs are attributes of his keynotes and training sessions. Abandi’s forte is humor and that makes it easy for him to connect with and captivate audience. He maintains enthusiasm and grace in his sessions. Therefore, his foray as a full time public speaker, trainer and coach is a welcome move. In the days ahead, Abdullah Al-Abandi is certain to grow further to become a preferred choice among the corporate community as a speaker and trainer in his specialty domains.

Sundaresan RajeswarBoard Member, Contact Person & Past President, The Institute of Internal AuditorsQatar

You were just excellent – it was so good to see such a high level performance, an indication of what we should all strive for but are very far from reaching.

Claire CosgroveProfessor at AMA International University in SalmabadKingdom of Bahrain

On behalf of Ecumenical Conference of Charity (ECC), this is to express our sincere thanks to you for sparing your valuable time, and presenting a humorous speech during our Charity Fund Raising dinner…You will be pleased to know that a post event survey found your speech to be the highlight of the evening and was enjoyed by more than 300 guests present at the event. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.

Ecumenical Conference of Charity (ECC)Kingdom of Bahrain

Congratulations dear Abdulla A. Abandi, a person of integrity with outstanding expertise in training multi-cultural, multi-national professionals. Pure innocent humor he skillfully weave to his content illuminate his brilliance and turn his sessions memorable and enjoyable. I consider it a privilege to know him and to benefit from his workshops.

Pjj AntonyManager Personnel/HRD, Alyusur Townsend BottumSaudi Arabai, Story Writer and Author, Come Let Us Sin.

I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Mr. Abdullah Al- Abandi at the annual Toastmasters Conference for District 79 in 2011 in Jordan, and had the privilege seeing him speak and train plus participate and compete in International and Humorous speech contests, showing immaculate speaking and presentation skills that paved the way for him in winning at the District level for many years and representing District 79 at the International Convention in Orlando in 2012. What makes Mr. Abandi a unique speaker and trainer is his remarkable ability in interacting with the audience, using smooth techniques to have the key message come across, and injecting humour to add a special flavor to the topic, having it more impactful and memorable in the audiences’ minds.

Rania Abu RubHead Audiologist & Marketing Assistant at Jordan Hearing Aids MCoJordan

I heard one of the speakers – Mr. Abdullah Alabandi two years ago at the ECC dinner. He was the humorist and I was completely blown away. I laughed so hard, my sides ached. I was so impressed that I wanted to know more about him. After speaking to someone at the dinner was told he was a toastmaster based in Saudi. I can certainly say he had an influence in me seeking out the Toastmasters and subsequently joining.

Tosin ArowojoluKingdom of Bahrain

I attended hundreds of courses, but honestly speaking never found like Mr Abduallh in his commitment and excellency. I really benefited a lot from him and he took a place in my successes story.

Basem HijazChief Audit Executive, Qatari Investors Group

I attended an event with Mr. Abdulla Al-Abandi in 29 September 2015. It was a big pleasure because I find myself between the slides. Really, it was the best seminar for me since a long time. Mr. Al-Abandi refreshes my senses; he touches the best of my deep thought about the path to “take actions” to grow in my personal and professional life. It was easy to him to respond to any queries from the attendants and his words penetrate my mind, I think that I will do some changes.

Hamze SukarieChief Internal Audit, Senior Manager, Al Jazeera FinanceQatar

Abdullah has a Unique style in motivational speeches and messages in an interactive, fun and humorous style in the same time. His style touches hearts and inspires the audience. Simply a Unique Powerful Speaker!

Mazen SadatHuman Behavior ConsultantSaudi Arabia