Lights, Lights, Action!

How do you know you had a great week? It’s when something you’ve been working on for some time is done with a flying color!

Last week, I had the joy to speak to Philips Lighting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on their annual kickoff meeting. It was a great gathering with around 300 people in the room, including higher management. Those are passionate people whose mission is “…to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for a better life and a better world.” What a mission! It is interesting that the theme, “Passion for…” is close to my heart and has commonality. I have a Facebook page with the name Passion Fuel, and I have a group on Whatsapp with the same name too. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. But that’s just me. I am a person who is passionate about seeing people learn and grow. Fueling passion is within me…it’s my purpose!

So, the thought on my mind, how do I weave a motivational talk that could move the “movers and the shakers” of Philips Lighting? Good question. They are in “Passion For” results, innovation, sustainability, leadership, teamwork, diversity. And they have challenges too! But on top of that is to improve results.

I bet you it takes a great deal of effort to grow results over the past year’s targets in a state of economic slowdown. That’s a challenge for all businesses. It is not impossible, though. It’s a mindset! And that’s what I focused my talk on…having that positive mindset that would drive you to excel. As they say, it’s all in the head. It’s all about attitude, energy, stretching and taking initiatives that challenge the familiar and bring out the unfamiliar.

I was overwhelmed to see a great team put a great show for a whole day, bringing people from different parts of the Kingdom. Knowing events from hands-on experience, it is not easy to maintain energy in the room for six hours. Despite the short time I spent in the event, I had the pleasure to listen to a panel discussion with some great minds of Philips Lighting on stage from the CEO, SFO, Marketing, IT, HR Head to the brilliant staff that kept the event alive. Thanks to Imran Zafeer, the Marketing Manager, who made this opportunity possible.

I also happened to meet some young talents, like Noura, the Talent Acquisition Supervisor, who moderated the panel discussion successfully. And of course, the young photographer (who may not be from Philips Lighting), who I had the delight to chat to briefly. The photos you see here are of her brilliant work. Thank you, Maya.

I am hoping the stories I shared would make a dent, a little at least, in raising the momentum of the team to march towards their top goals of the year and beyond. It was a quick visit. It felt like a dash. In fact, just few minutes after finishing my keynote, I immediately headed to the airport…and I barely made my trip! And I won’t talk about how the night before my speech went. Have you ever called A/C Maintenance at 3:30 in the morning? I leave you with just this thought in mind! 🙂

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