HHH enthuses Dubai audience

You don’t know how you really feel about a certain event until it’s over! And, you don’t know if you’ve made a dent on those who attended until you hear from that audience on the spot! Another indication that your gig was well received and reached to the audience’s head, heart and funny bones is the feedback you receive on social media and the sharing of that experience by some of those who attended. Speaking with Head, Heart and Humor (HHH) was the debut event for Prodigy Bureau in Dubai, and still lingers in the audience’s heads after more than two weeks have passed. But nothing speaks influence more than the fact when someone comes and tells you, “You have changed my thinking about public speaking!” The HHH event fulfilled its mission indeed. It did penetrate the head, touched the heart and tickled plenty of funny bones. Above all, we’ve felt that we made good friends, judging from all the interactions during and after the event. The level of networking before and after the event was unprecedented. We’ve heard lots of encouraging comments and feedback, yet we know that we can improve further on what we’ve delivered. We are upbeat and really looking forward to do this again and again. Stay tuned. We could be in a city near you soon!

Here are some of the comments we captured on Facebook, other than all the heart-warming comments received face-to-face:

“It was indeed an epic and funtabulous event that showcased the golden techniques and wisdom in the realm of public speaking and beyond!” Mariz del Rio

“Amazing learning experience with you honorous gurus” Ghina Amoyen

“I had the opportunity to attend a very creative .. innovative ..and organized presentation about “Speak with Head, Heart, and Humor by excellent, talented speakers” Salwa Alhammadi

“Thank you so much for inspiring us and giving us useful techniques that we can apply in making our speeches.” Ely Aczura

“Good fun and learning yesterday at the Head, Heart & Humor workshop in Dubai by Mohamed ShukriMohamed Isa & Abdulla A. Abandi. Thank you champions for sharing your knowledge and for the valuable tips.” VP Menon

“Speaking with your #head #heart with a dash of #humour is an art and these 3 fabulous trainers aimed to teach us just that 😊 thank you for those valuable lessons!” Divya Raj

“It was a stupendous event!” Dayne Menchavez

“Evening well spent! Fantastic workshop! Love the workbook!” Emma Bruneau

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