Are you growing your leadership ability?

It is one thing to be in a position, and another to be a leader—a true leader! The Live2Lead (L2L) simulcast, conducted by John C. Maxwell and his team of highly influential personalities and public figures, provide focused doses of leadership content to thousands of people around the world.


The Live2Lead rebroadcast was just conducted on March 17, 2018 in Bahrain by a great team of John Maxwell Team coaches, namely Meenakshi Sundaram, Tosin Arowojolu, Kadri Rizk and Abdulla Abandi. The event received remarkable review by the participants who showed great interactions throughout the event.

The team complemented the event by introducing other short topics on leadership from John Maxwell teaching, such as leadership ability, learning from failure, intentional living and defining moments…as preludes to the rebroadcast topics. “It was a day of great learning and fun. L2L has enriched us with valuable leadership lessons,”   a repeated comment by many participants.


Learning did not come only from John Maxwell and his team, as a member of the facilitation team, I personally learned from the astounding real life experiences shared by some of the participants, whether in the business world or on the personal level. It’s interesting when you see the audience talk without barriers, which indicates the level of confidence they had during the event.

As a facilitation team, we were so encouraged by the response that we decided to continue with these leadership-focused events throughout the year. The next event is on April 28, 2018, in Manama, Bahrain. We will be so happy to receive more participants. Of course, in addition to those who delighted us in the first event. More information about the April event will be posted soon.

It was a delight to have conducted the event to such a brilliant group of people who came with diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds. They’ve all expressed praise for the value they received from the day.

If you wish this JMT team or myself to help you on the leadership side, please connect with me.

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