Business Coaching with Sanabis Communication Technology

I have recently started an informal business coaching with Sanabis Communication Technology, Training and Development, a small business focused on providing call center services and other IT support services. What do you do with a great team of individuals that is not working well as a team? This happens a lot in the business world. You have talented employees on board, everyone brings a set of skills to the table. Yet, they lack synergy and team work. While coaching is not about providing solutions rather than asking the right questions, it’s been a learning experience on my side. At the same time, I was able to relate my expertise in the field of human resource development to facilitate some ideas that would help resolve some of the issues. It is interesting to note that even though you may have great individuals working for your business entity, their talents will be wasted if not geared toward common goals. Well, this sometimes has to do with lack of communicating the vision and clarifying it to the team. Things promise to change for the better for this small business entity and should be heading to rank with medium enterprises when the proposed ideas are implemented.


Abdulla lightens up SPE-KSA event

The Society of Petroleum Engineers, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Chapter (SPE-KSA) hosted Abdulla to speak in their Talk Show event in Sunset Beach, Khobar, Saudi Arabia, as one of the featured speakers. The event attracted over 150 people, including SPE members, popular social media figures, educators, actors, athletes, businessmen and journalists. Abdulla’s humorous talk was one of the top highlights in the event. Abdulla took advantage of this popular event to network and connect with the audience, bringing him a few more speaking/training invitations.

“Hopeless Case” earns Abdulla his fourth District title in humor

Abdulla clinched the first place trophy in the humorous speech category during the competitions held as part of Toastmasters District 79 Conference, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This achievement adds to three previous titles in the same category at the now Toastmasters District 20, which comprises of GCC countries, Jordan and Lebanon. His speech, titled “Hopeless Case,” cracked sure fire self-deprecating humor every few seconds, sending his audience laughing their heart out.

Abdulla keynotes at Toastmasters Divisions, Khobar and Jubail

Abdulla Abandi delivered two keynote addresses on April 1 and April 2, 2016 at Toastmasters Division F Conference, Khobar, Saudi Arabia and Toastmasters Divisions E and L Joint Conference, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The keynote, titled “The Power of Connecting,” highlighted the need for leaders and communicators to develop connecting skills to help them increase their influence over their audience, be it one-on-one, in groups or with a large audience. The keynote was mixed with valuable ideas and purposeful humor, which kept the audience interested throughout the presentation.

Abdulla co-hosts John Maxwell broadcast

A broadcast by the renowned leadership guru, John C. Maxwell and his guest speakers was co-hosted by Abdulla Abandi and Tosin Arowjolou, both John Maxwell Team members, in Manama, Bahrain. The event was organized by Golden Trust, a training establishment based in Bahrain. Three other speakers joined John Maxwell in the event: Patrick Lencioni, author of “The Advantage,” Valorie Burton, and Microsoft CEO, Kevin Turner. The event focused on intentional living, organizational health and personal growth. In addition to the broadcast, Abdulla and Tosin delivered a short session on the Power of Connecting, which created more engagement and excitement to the event. The event was highly rated by all attendees.

Qatari toastmasters get a treat

The Toastmasters fraternity took advantage of Abdulla’s availability in Doha, Qatar, and arranged for a presentation titled, “Steak, Style and Sizzle,” which focused on the art of public speaking and presentation skills. The interactive event, which was attended by more than 120 toastmasters, received rave reviews from the audience.

Abdulla inspires Qatar internal auditors to focus on personal growth.

Abdulla Abandi conducted a full-day workshop to 36 members of the Institute of Internal Auditors, Qatar Chapter, which focused on personal growth, leadership and communication effectiveness. “Personal growth is the springboard from which you can advance your life,” Abdulla told the participants. For press release, see link. The workshop received excellent reviews from the participants. “This training posed a question to myself to check if I am on the right track,” said one of the participants. “Abdulla talked about leadership not just as theory, but he talked based on his 33 years of working experience, which helps me to easily understand and develop my skills,” said another participant. “Among the things I liked about this seminar is the passion shown by the presenter,” said another. A condensed version of the workshop was presented into a 2-hour seminar to over 80 attendees the next day.