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I am a simple and humble person with passion to see individuals and organizations be their best. I take pride in seeing others succeed and thrive. And I have equipped myself just to do that.

I am combining over thirty years of professional experience in one of the largest companies in the Middle East, with over twenty years of public speaking experience, leadership certification from the world renowned leadership guru, John C. Maxwell, public speaking certification by Success works, USA, and certification in Behavioral Studies by Personality Insights, USA. In addition, train-the-trainer and facilitation training from reputable US companies complement the above for the purpose of adding value to people.

I have been a recognized speaker at several conferences and corporate events both nationally and internationally, and was recognized with several regional and international awards, including receiving the first runner-up award in the semifinals of the 2012 World Public Speaking Championship held in Orlando, Florida, USA. People know me well for my unique and light-hearted speaking style.

With my John Maxwell certification, I can offer you and/or your organization seminars, workshops, keynote speeches in areas of leadership, effective communication and personal growth to enhance your leadership effectiveness and expand your personal abilities. With my public speaking certification and experience in this field, I can offer to improve your presentation and public speaking skills through the Speakers Training Camp Program®, as well as keynotes and short seminars in this area. In addition, my certification in Personality Insights’ Behavioral Studies can help you to enhance relationships at the personal, professional and family level, which in turn would raise your competency in self-leadership and organizational leadership. And finally, equipped with all the above and over thirty years of work experience, I can offer to be a coach to you personally or to your organization.

I am an advocate of seeing people bring out their unique abilities and talent to become the brand they aspire to be. I have strong belief that people can be achievers of their own dreams if they choose to adopt the I-Can-Do mindset.

I am married to a beautiful and brilliant wife, with four wonderful children that are a source of inspiration and enrichment to my life experiences.

Connect with me and I am willing to explore all possibilities with you whether on the personal level or organizational.
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