Abdulla enthuses audience during the AGNI Events LLC Corporate Launch

Abdulla Abandi recently spoke to about 120 executives, managers and HR heads during the AGNI Events LLC corporate launch event. The event was held in the prestigious Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, UAE. Abdulla focused his talk on two critical quality for business people—leadership ability and connecting skills. “Leaders need to have the ability to steer their ship taking into consideration the people they have. It is crucial that they connect with their people, as well as their customers and the people in their business circle,” he told the audience. He mentioned that the need to develop in those two areas cannot be overemphasized, and that growth starts with the self. Since people cannot give what they do not have, they must possess that something they wish to give to others. Leaders need to grow themselves, others as well as other leaders.

Abdulla offered his extensive corporate experience, as well as areas he is qualified and licensed to train on, such as the John Maxwell Team leadership and communication material, behavioral studies by Personality Insights and the Speakers Training Camp. In addition, he elaborated on customizing programs related to leadership and communication effectiveness.

Great feedback was received on Abdulla’s speech. Many of the audience had conversations with him over dinner and were interested in connecting with him in the near future.

To book Abdulla for a speaking event or inquire about a training engagement, please drop him a line on abandi@aabandi.com or aabandi2@gmail.com.

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