23 Young Kids Learn From the Best

Learn, Earn and Return—A concept of learning, knowledge sharing and giving back. It is the cycle of life…It is the purpose of living. And as the saying goes, “Learning at a young age is like engraving on stone.” I thought part of giving back of what I learned through the years is giving some of that to the young. The John Maxwell Youth Max® program is a great gift to the young. It is only my wish that someone should have wrapped this program for me when I was 14 or 15, I would have been much more myself now. Much more in discipline and consistence, much more in achievements, much more in my value in general.

I just launched the first self-leadership program for the youth in my home town, the John Maxwell Youth Max program, featuring Nick Vujicic, the motivational speaker and author, sharing his personal stories from ups and downs, sad and happy, put downs and lifts up. All put in a very simple and interactive program highlighting self-esteem and self-value. I was amazed by the high interest from the young and their parents in the program and racing to register their children till the nick of time. Amazing group of kids who took it upon themselves to learn from the best like John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic. Well, let’s also  they also have a fine facilitator J  The program focuses on positive self-image, knowing one’s self, overcoming failure, and critical steps of success.

The first go of the program enlisted 23 of the finest kids in town, who were bustling with energy (especially when you rid them of their mobiles until breaksJ). They listened attentively; they participated with vigor; they had fun.

Since we had a waitlist of more than 6 people due to late action, I am working on offering the program at different times during the year, with an Arabic version being contemplated.

If you have a child between the age of 13 and 18, don’t miss an opportunity to have them learn important lessons in life from world renowned speakers and experts that will propel them toward success. See you in the next offering.


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